Easy Way of Recovering Files If Deleted From the Hard Disk


There are many ways of recovering data from the hard disk. These days, cloud storage is in trend due to which the trend of utilizing external hard disk is decreasing. But the external hard drives are still used. There is always a problem of data loss with hard drives. Sometimes the hard disk crashes, sometimes there is a problem in losing data due to virus or malware.

The way through which the data can be recovered from external hard disk without any software. It is not that 100% of the data will be recovered in this way. Because sometimes this method does not work but can be tried.

This method is for Windows computers,

  • Connect the hard drive to the computer via cable. Type CMD by pressing Windows + R and open Command Prompt.
  • Check the drive letter of the external hard drive. Usually, it is F or G. Because inbuilt hard drive letters are initialized like C, D, and E.
  • Now on Command Prompt, type it ATTRIB -H -R -S / S / D H: *. * (The first letter after ATTRIB is the letter of your external hard drive that is here -H)
  • The process of file recovery starts as soon as you press enter. It takes some time and files are recovered.

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